Friday 24 - Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 July 2020 1 - 7 pm


You are invited to an OPEN STUDIO event. There will be encaustic, acrylic and oil paintings on show and limited artist books and silkscreen prints available to purchase.

Herve was invited to participate in NewMediaFest’s “Touring Exhibition 2020” commencing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Athens, Greece in June, and scheduled for touring worldwide.  

Herve’s new solo exhibition is due to take place in Milan, Italy at Pelouse Interdite in October, and he will also be part of a 3-Artists’ Exhibition at The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan, Armenia, in July 2020.

Herve is also due to return to Ethiopia in November 2020 to exhibit his artwork at the Rimbaud Museum in Harar organised by Abdunasir Garad.


Hervé will talk about his artistic creations in “Mind in Art” at 5pm, Sunday, 26 July with psychologist Madelyn Freeman, inviting audience participation to explore the possible origins of creativity.


We hope to see you at Open Studio : Refreshments served.


MIND IN ART : Exploring the Possible Origins of Creativity / Herve Constant / Madelyn Freeman

There exists a conundrum in the Scientific world, namely that of locating the origins of consciousness. I thought it could be interesting to ask Herve a few questions regarding the origins of his creative driving force.  The exploration will also take us further afield, into theories of the primacy of consciousness. You are invited to join the conversation to see if we can ‘lift the veil’ and stimulate some talking points of interest.  Madelyn Freeman.​

STUDIO 29 Basement 10 Martello Street, London E8 3PE - Tel: 02072496021

10 Martello Street, E8 3PE, London, England

0207 249 6021


HERVE CONSTANT: An exhibition of paintings, photographs, film and prints. JOURNEY OF THE SOUL


An Interview/Profile is published this year 2014 Summer Edition of the Art Magazine VIE DES ARTS. It is printed in Montreal Canada. Article by Dorota Kozinska .


Rimbaud and Verlaine embark on a journey. The poets famously ran away together to London in 1872 where they lived for some time at No 8 Royal College Street in Camden (then Great College Street). Their famous journey is now, 142 years later, serving as the inspiration for another departure.


I have pleasure to present a signed 45 Limited Edition Deck of Tarot's Major Arcana 22 cards (6" x 4") at £25 to be presented at The Open Studio's Tarot 'Journey of the Soul' Exhibition this weekend. And the Tarot Talk at 4 pm Saturday with cognitive psychologist Madelyn Freeman.

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A ARTHUR Acrylic on paper 10x8in

Oil and Charcoal on Canvas 48x36in 2008.