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OPEN STUDIO with Hervé Constant

Hervé Constant is a French artist based in London Fields, London UK

He was born in Casablanca, Morocco and grew up in Marseille, France. PASSAGES is his first exhibition at THE BROADWAY BOOKSHOP.

Hervé’s work has been presented internationally, including at MONA (Museum of New Art), Detroit; at Pitzer College Art Galleries, Los Angeles; and at the Havana Biennale, Havana.

Recent solo exhibitions of his work include Image, Language, Symbolism (Field of Perception) at Ein Sof Gallery, London (2022); and Les Passages at ZONE/Pelouse Interdite, Milan, and at Studio Ra Contemporary, Rome (2021).

Forthcoming presentations include a solo exhibition at the Bukovina Museum of History, Suceava, Romania (May 2022); and Traces, a group exhibition at the Museum of Russian Art, Yerevan, Armenia (August 2022).

I photographed Hervé in his studio and also did a 360 panoramic, which you can interact below and take a tour around Herve's studio.

By Joshua Akin

Link to virtual tour embed in webpage:

Link to the Virtual Tour only.


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