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Hervé Constant



Hervé Constant is a London-based French artist.

He was born in Casablanca, Morocco.


Hervé’s work is a mixture of different interests, and social and

cultural influences.


Recent projects involve videos, photos, and sounds and Artist's Books.


His book ‘Killing’ was part of a show displayed at Kaleid Editions London Plasto-Baader-Books Exhibition of Unique Artists’ Books 2009. His work is on show in the collection of MONA, Museum of New Art, Detroit USA. A sound recording of his was included in ‘Sound Fetish’ WPS1 at the Venice Biennale 05 and is now part of the Archive of MOMA New York. His short film video called ‘Run’ was selected by the Hayward Gallery London as part of the 60-second Surreal; the projection took place at the National Film Theatre.


Recent projections have taken place at FEST'AFILM Festival du film Montpellier and ‘Visions in New York City’ Gallery Macy NY.

The Pitzer Art Galleries based in Claremont LA presented 'WRIT LARGE', an Installation.


He has participated in several artists’ residencies in many parts of the world. Two of Hervé’s videos were presented at Villa Borghese, Pietro Museum Roma in 2014.


In 2015 Hervé was invited to participate in the Havana Biennale, the work was presented at the Faculty of Art History at the University of Havana.


His recent solo exhibition took place in Camberwell London at GX Gallery in June 2018. In October 2021 Hervé had a solo exhibition at ZONE: Pelouse Interdite Milan Italy. The exhibition toured to studio.ra Rome November 2021.


Most recently his artwork was shown at TAM - Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles - 18 July - September 2020.


This August 2022 Hervé attended an artist-in-residence in Odzun, Armenia. Exhibitions including his artworks took place in the capital of Yerevan at the Russian Art Museum and Aslamazian sisters Museum in Gyumri.

Later, in 2022 his paintings were on display under the title MEDITERRANEUM at Galerie du Tableau, Marseille, Museo Archeologico Altamura, and Ferdan Yusufi Gallery, Istanbul (Oct to December 2022).

Hervé Constant 


Space Studio 10 Martello Street London E8 3PE   England UK






1967-70 Conservatoire National de Musique de Toulon


1971-73 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Theatre, Paris.


1980-83 Beaux-Arts de Toulon(Etchings/Silkscreens).




1982 Galerie Brune,Toulon


1984 Studio Art Centre International, Florence , Italy


1985 Theatre Sextius, Aix-en-Provence, France


1987 Sala Alta, Cuenca, Spain


1987 Kingsgate Gallery, London


1988 Galerie Sapet, Valence , France


1988 Central Space Gallery, London


1990 Galerie "La Tete d'Obsidienne", La Seyne/Mer, France


1990 Galerie Bercovy-Fugier, Bastille, Paris, France


1990 Wolverhampton Artists Group, Eagle Works , England


1991 Musée Arthur Rimbaud, Charleville/Mezieres, France


1992 Small Mansion Arts Centre, Gunnersbury Park , London


1995 Ben Uri Museum , 'As above so below' Soho, London


1995 Tricycle Gallery 'The Major Arcana', Images of the Tarot, London


1996 The Living Room 'A Pilgrim's Progress' Greenwich , London


1996 Alliance Française de Londres, London


1997 Dom Armije Museum , Tuzla , Bosnia


1999 Vermont Studio Center , Johnson , USA


2000 Galerie Genevieve Godar, Lille, France


2003 Gallery 5a, London , with Swiss artist Felix Baudenbacher, October


2004 Galeria do Poste Art Contemporanea, Rio de Janeiro , March


2006 STUDIO RA, Roma Italy. Projection of 2 films, December


2007 New York University in London, presentation of two films, Jan


2007 Scarlet Maguire Gallery, Kings Cross, London


2007 Studio Ra, Roma Italy


2007 Barbican Film cinema 1 'Between Two Worlds' video 8mn July


2009 Kings Place, London Projection of paintings during the event 'Rimbaud & Verlaine' Poet in the City


2014. Kings Place, London. Projection of paintings during the event ‘Rimbaud and Verlaine’ Poet in the City

'The  Disappearing POET' October


2014 Enjoy Space Daimyo Journey of the Soul  Paintings, photos and short films, Fukuoka, Japan


2014 Art Space, Art Festival' Taketa, Japan


2015 Galerie du Tableau Marseille France June

2016 GX Gallery Camberwell London May

2017 Galerie Katakomby Brno, CZ March-April

2017 Pelouse Interdite, Milan, Italy April

2018 GX Gallery Camberwell London June

2020 Rimbaud Museum, Harar, Ethiopia. October

2021 ZONE: Pelouse Interdite, Milan, Italy. October

2021 studio.ra Rome, Italy. Nov

2021 EIN SOF The Jewish Art Gallery, London, UK. Nov

2022 Museum Bucovina, Suceava, Romania. May




1983 Le Courrier des metiers d'Art, NO 30 Paris, France


1984 Herve Constant, Theatre Sextius, Pierre Minne, La Marseillaise


1984 Biennale de Nice, L.E Andreani, Var Matin Toulon, France


1984 Artheme Magazine, edition de Nice, France 'Trois Lauréats'


1986 Art 's Review, Vivien Lowenstein


1987 'La solilad del Pintor ante el Lienzo' by Juan Paris


1987 Galerie Sapet, Introduction by Andrew Wheatley, Valence, France.


1988 World Service radio, Interview with Pierre Lefevre, London, UK.


1988 8 Contemporary British Artists, essay by Michael Archer, Valence, France.


1990 Time Out, by Robert Macdonald, London, UK.


1990 C.V Journal of Art, Interviewed by Nicholas Wegner


1990 City Limits, Visual Arts by Mark Currah


1990 World Service Radio, Interviewed by Francois Turmell, London, UK.


1991 Surface and Symbol, essay by David Cohen. Gallery K + Gammelstrand Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark..


1991 The Good Times, Art & Museums by Robin Dutt, London, UK.


1991 Introduction to the catalogue 'Herve Constant at the Musée

 Arthur Rimbaud' by Curator Alain Tourneux, essay by Robin Dutt


1991 Phillips Fine Art, London; The Green Contemporary Art Sale,

        essay by Hugh O'Donnell.


1991 The Poet in Paint, Plymouth Art Centre, curated & catalogue

        essay by Jonathan Livingstone.


1991 Art's Review, 'Rimbaud, The poet in Paint’ by John Furse.


1991 Art Monthly 'Rimbaud Centenary; Plymouth 91 by John Furse


1991 Art's Review, 'The capsule',  London Bridge, London, UK. Sarah Kent


1992 Evening Standard Magazine, by Andrew Martin, London, UK.


1992 The New stateman by David Langsam, 'East End Open Studios'


1993 The Big Issue Magazine, Saunders


1993 'The house of ideas', London School of Economics, essay

         by Professor David Ruben


1993 Independent Newspaper, 'Whitechapel Open & Open Studios'

        by Iain Gale, may


1994 10+International Art Exhibition, 'From the same Wilderness',


1994 Ben Uri Museum, introduction by Julia Weiner


1994 Artists Newsletter,'10+International Exhibition', Karelian


1994 B Kahyh Bephncaha, Karelia Newspaper


1994 Arts in Westminster, Publication no32


1994 The Artist Magazine,10+ International art Exhibition, Russia


1994 Introduction to the exhibition 'As Above so below'

        by the writer Fernand Auberjonois, Ben Uri Museum, London, UK.


1994 JC Magazine, 'Mystical Matters', Impressions Diary

          by Michelle Morris


1994 Interviewed on GLR radio, 'Kabbalah and its meaning'


1994 what's On magazine, by Ria Higgins

        'Spiritual search for Man's Origins'

1995 Artists Review Book, April

1995 'Herve Constant and the Tarot' by Erica Davies,

         Director of the Freud Museum, London

1995 ES Magazine, by Emma Beal, Painting 'Death' from the Tarot

        series, Major Arcana   

1995 The Guardian Newspaper, 'A brush with genius:no10, Herve

     Constant on Masaccio's Adam and Eve banished from Paradise

1996 Sue Hubbard, Essay for catalogue 'Under Different Skies',

        Oksnehallen, Copenhagen

1996 Graphica Creativa 96,Alvar Aalto Museum, Jyvaskyla, essay

        by Seppo Heiskanen

1997 Management Consultancy. 'Picture this. Consultants as

        connoisseurs. 'By Alycen Mitchell and Nicholas King

1997 Artists Newsletter, Currents, 'Balkan Arts Link forged' by Susan                  Jones, Oct

1997 Arts Dialogue Magazine, Sept

1998 Le Journal du francophone, propos recueillis par Isabella Pitisci,

1998 OFFENE ateliers, Cologne, invited artist, oct

1999 Interview with Psychotherapist Madelyn Freeman, studio, nov

1999 Jewish Chronicle, 'Angels and Demons', Julia Weiner

1999 Metro Life, Jewish Magic and Mysticism, Claire Allfree

1999 Financial Times, Magical tour around a mystical tradition, august 27,          by  David Jays

2000 The Spirit of the Balloon, catalogue essay by Claire Lofting

2002 Biennale of St Petersburg's catalogue, Dialogues,

2002 IV Salon de Arte Digital, catalogue introduction by Abel Casaus

2003 Londoners, film by Teresa Teran, article in Der Tagesspeigel

2004 Time Out, London. “The Art of Love” at the Arndean Gallery, Cork

         street, February

2004 The Guardian newspaper, “The Art of Love” at the Arndean Gallery,            Cork street, London. Feb

2004 Press Release for the exhibition at Galeria Do Poste, Rio de Janeiro            by Luiz Sergio de Olivera

2004 Film by Etienne Faure ‘Quoi l’Eternite’ script by Claude Jeancolas. In          the studio reading poems from the French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

2004 International Jewish Artist of the year Award 2004, catalogue

2004 A Season of Rimbaud in London, Catalogue introduction by Louis              Benassi

2004 Aesthetica  A Review of Contemporary Artists, interview with Debbie          Ellison,  December 

2005 ARTLIFE,Communication for the creative mind, Volume 25,Number 1   Issue No. 266

2005 Aesthetica  A review of Contemporary Artists, painting ‘Sous le Pont’          for cover of the book, March

2005 PAPER/politics an exhibition of politically &  socially engaged                      printmaking by Josh Mac Phee, Curator 2005 Paper Politics,                      Introduction to the catalogue by Joseph Pentheroudakis

2005 Blog on Rimbaud, introduction by Dr Maria Luisa Stringa, Italian                Federation of Unesco.


2005 Journal Contemporary Impressions ‘Paper Politics Exhibition                      USA. Nov

2006 La Republica, article on Folate Iridescenti   2 march

2006 The Saatchi Gallery  website : Interview with Debbie Ellison                      submitted essay

2006 Video Channel Interview with Agricola de Cologne

2007 Segno Attualita Internazionali d’Arte Contempotanea “Ad Hoc”                  Gabriele Perretta

2007 TROVAROMA  Le Inaugurazioni Videofusion 1, 15 Feb

2007 Videofusion1 catalogue essay by Gabriele Perretta Feb

2007 Subat, KargART Uluslararasi Video Festivali – Kurye / Courier Sergisi          Turkey,march

 2007 JULIET N. 132 Recensione videofusion (Aprile-Maggio) - pag.94.

2007 INTERVIEWS-ARTISTS recordings from Cv /VISUALS ARTS                        RESEARCH ARCHIVE 1988-96 by Nicholas James

2007 Turkish Daily News Films on Silk Road by Emrah Guler. 2 December


2008 The Jersey Journal selects 'Close to the Edge' exhibition as its “Top             Pick” January 4

2008 ‘Close to the Edge’ essay by Daniel Dawson Nov


2009 T R A N S I Z I O N I a cura di Barbara Martusciell, testo di Luca                Barberini Boffi

2010 published on art a part of cult(ure)? approfondimenti musica video            multimedia proponiamo ? Intervista a Hervé Constant | Interview              with Hervé Constant | by Raffaella Losapio

2011 Praeterita Interview with Herve Constant by Philip Hartigan

2012 The eighth issue of The Bow-Wow Shop, the international poetry                magazine edited by Michael Glover

2012 "A View from the Easel" by Philip Hartigan published in                               Hyperallergic, New York Magazine

2012 The ‘Bridging the gap’ featured article written by Jada           Brookes

2012 CityZenTV Interview with Vasiliadis, Thermaikos Film Festival

2013 ARTBOSPHORUS Contemporary Art fair by Denizhan Ozer

2014 Hackney Today presentation of Open Studio

2014 Vie des Arts Magazine Article by Dorota Kozinska July

2014 Le Dévorant revue, article par Paul Chaperon July

2014 FUKUOKA NOW Review by Nick Swaz ‘Journey of the Soul’

2015 Agence de presse de l’Amerique Latine Biennale Havanaise

2015 L’ECHO Magazine La Fondation Rimbaud & Verlaine by Helene Jeunet

2015 LAF Larroque Art Festival Vernissage, Juillet

2017 Rozhled by Jiri havlicek Exhibition at Katakonby Galerie, Brno

2018 Transformative Sensibility by Kenneth Hay

2018 Illuminations in London Fields by Sarah Wilson Book Rimbaud Vivant

2020 Hackney Today article by Joanna Kelly, London, UK. December

2020 TRACING THE WIND Essay by Dorota Kozinska

2020 Finestre sull Arte RIVISTA ONLINE D’ARTE ANTICA E                                CONTEMPORANEA Francesco Cuna

2020 Review Salento, Martano, Italy August

2021 Book ‘A Retrospective 1985-2021 Hervé Constant’ 172p

2021 APOLLINAIRE Edition 23 Calliopes by Sylvie Tournadre, September

2022  The selected Writings of Jan Patocka Care for the Soul Painting on cover                         'Lonely Tree'  by Herve Constant, Bloomsbury Academic

2022 Alawsat Newspaper ‘Shadows of cities and silence’ Article by Faye Nasser,                      October

2022 Another Attempt to Activate Culture in Tshedra by Cameron Gregory, August


Portrait Herve Constant by Valentina Gio




1978 Fischer Fine Art Gallery, London


1984 Biennale de Nice, Espace Niçois d'Art Contemporain, France


1984 Artothèque de Provence, 'PREFACE' 10 artistes du Sud


1987 Galerie Matisse, French Institute, London


1988 8 Contemporary British Artists, Valence, France


1989 Oriel Mostyn Art Gallery 'Ways  of Telling' Llandudno, Wales


1991 Phillips Fine Art Auction, 'The Green Contemporary Art', London


1991 Galerie Gammelstrand, Copenhagen, Denmark


1991 Plymouth Arts Centre, 'The Poet in Paint', Plymouth, England


1995 '95 Sorak International Biennale' Korea


1995 The Alsager Gallery, 'The Word is Art ', Stoke-on-Trent


1996 'Under different Skies’, Copenhagen, Denmark


1996 Alvar Aalto Museum, Museum of Central Finland


1997 The City Art Gallery, 'Board Games', Leicester


1999 Jewish Museum, 'Magic & Mysticism', Camden Town, London


2000 Clare College Church, 'Zero-G', London


2000 EU-Man, Exhibition 'Participation' Kabelfabriken, Helsinki, Finland.


2001 Biennale of St Petersburg, Russia, "Outside of the Inside", july


2002 Museo National de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba


2003 Artist's Book Triennal, Vilnius 2003, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius


2003 V Salon de Arte Digital, Galeria Carmen Montilla, Havana Cuba june-          July


2003 Radio FM 104.4, Resonance. Talk about the book on Antonin Artaud            The Screaming Body by Stephen Barber,


2004 T-DEUS : To Make a Portrait of God, Chapelle St Roch, Liege Belgium, FF04 Net Art Gallery New forms festival Technography 14th October - 28th October Vancouver Canada, File 2004 International Electronic Language Festival 22 Nov - 12 Dec Sesi Art Gallery Paulista Avenue Sao Paulo Brazil


2004 VI Salon International de Arte Digital, Havana, Cuba, June


2004 OUTVIDEO festival, National Center for Contemporary Art,                          Ekaterinburg, Russia, May-June


2004 VII Bienal do Reconcavo, Centro Cultural Dannemann, Bahia,                      Salvador, Brazil. Nov-Jan 2005


2004 Ben Uri Gallery The London Jewish Museum of Art International                  Jewish Artist of the Year Award' short listed with the digital photo               'Jennie's Shoes'


2004 Encuentro Internacional Poesia Visual Sonora Experimental, Buenos            Aires Argentina Sept - October


2004 Co-Curated with Louis Benassi 'Celebration' a mixed event based on            the life and poetry of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Venues: NYU            in London , 291 Gallery and Corsica Studios London


2005 MONA ,The Detroit International Video Festival, Third video Festival,            USA. Jan-Feb


2005 Soundlab Channel. Feb


2005 Thailand 3 rd New Media Arts Festival, sound and videos, Feb and              June


2005 Island Art Film & Video Festival 05, video 'Portraits of Cath Diaz'                  London, UK. March


2005 Seattle Print Arts, Seattle WA Michigan , USA April


2005 OUTVIDEO Festival 2, National Center for Contemporary Art,                      Ekaterinburg, Russia.


2005 Castello di Rivara Museum, Turin, Italy. 'Homage to Arthur Rimbaud'            May


2005 GALERI-X Obsession' International Video Art Festival Istanbul,                    Turkey. June


2005 Portobello Film Festival 4 21 august


2005 Sound Fetish' WPS1 part of the Archive of MOMA New York and                  Venice Biennale, Italy. Curator Steve Piccolo


2005 EAST 05 Norwich Art gallery, participant to the project 'Making                    Things Better' by Jonathan Pierce. Curator Gustav Metzger


2005 PI-Five video/short films festival, National Museum in Szczecin Poland and then Berlin Germany


2005 Concerthall at MediaCentre, Launch of Edition III Cologne, Germany.


2005 Thailand/Australia, ElectroFringe Playhouse Theatre Newcastle SWA 


2005 Studio Eventi Magister (auction of 2 works) Milano, Italy. 21-22 Dec


2006 Paper politics' 2 Brooklyn New York USA curator: Josh MacPhee


2006 MAGMART video under volcano, public show at Videodrome, Naples,            Italy


2006 Folate Iridescenti Villa Doria d'Angri Universita degli Studi di Napoli 


2006 PROJECT 59, third screening Tribeca, New York, USA


2006 Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain de Liege Belgium


        A Terra Sacrificada Curated by Tamara LAI 5e Biennale de la Photo et          des arts visuels, fev-mars


2006 59 Seconds Festival at Center for Maine Contemporary Art in                      Rockport  Maine


2006 Self Portrait for Bethlehem, interactive media installation curated by            Agricola de Cologne, Alf Kahf Art Gallery, Israel and Cologne,                      Germany 


2006 Museu Historico de Santa Catarina Florianopolis Brazil curated by                Flavia Fernandes


2006 Project 59, 59 Seconds Video Festival in April 2006 Germany,                      Poland Austria and Slovakia. Curated by Irina Danilova


2006 Manastre Kisa film Gunleri, Galatasaray, Turkey. Selection by Hulya            Kupcuoglu


2006 National Film Theatre, selected with video Run'. Projection organized          by the Hayward Gallery July


2006 Ad Hoc Sant'Agata De' Goti (BN) - dal primo al 16 luglio 2006


2006 Knoll Galéria, Félperces felismerések Liszt Ferenc tér 10.G Budapest ,          Hungary


2006 Liverpool Biennale, The Projection Gallery Sept-Nov


2006 The Video Art Gallery, London (representing my video work) aug


2006 Kurzfilmfestival, Oberschoneweide, Berlin Erstes Internationales                  October


2006 Centre Culturel Français, Video Dia Loghi, Torino, Italy


2007 Kargart Video Festival, Istanbul Turkey


2007 MONA Museum of New Art Detroit, USA 2 films, March


2007 KargART Uluslararasi Video Festivali - Kurye / Courier Sergisi Istanbul          Turkey, March


2007 Academia Internacional de Cinema, Sao Paulo Brazil, March


2007 City in Motion finalist with the film Between Two Worlds Barbican big          screen, 6 artists short listed.


2007 Portobello Film Festival, august, 2 films


2007 Ypec Yolu Film Festival Bursa Istanbul, curated by Hulya Kupcuoglu


2007 Contemporary Art fair Istanbul Turkey Dec curated by Irmak Arkman


2008 City Without Walls Close to the Edge curated by Kevin Sampson New          York, USA. Jan March


2008 FILE - Electronic Language Festival "memoryscapes" soundlab IV Rio          de Janeiro/Brazil March


2008 Portman Gallery, London The Stuff of Life 9 artists curated by Ricarda          Vidal.


2008 Nunnery Gallery, Works on Water, curated by Ricarda Vidal


2008 City Without Walls '1800FRAMES/Take4' New Jersey, curated by                  Norene Leddy.


2008 ARTPROJX SPACE 59 Second Video Festival curated by Irina Danilova


2008 Dowd Gallery, New York 'Paper Politics' by Josh MacPhee Sept-Nov


2008 Corridor Gallery 'Close to the Edge' curated by Kevin Sampson and              Reynolds, Brooklyn NY


2009 Galleria studio.ra Roma TRANSIZIONI a cura di Barbara Martuscillo            Dec - Jan


2009 Roseberys Auction House, painting "Houses" sold


2009 Berznitsky Gallery 'Reliquaries of Empires Dust' curated by Adam                Nankervis, Berlin, Germany


2009 OUTCASTING-Season 8 Cardiff Wales June-July


2009 International Review of Water - The "CHIENA" - Interdisciplinary                Multimedia


2009 Ghost Print Gallery Richmond Virginia USA 'Paper Politics' Aug


2009 'A Spires Embers' Mystelskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine presented by                 A. Nankervis. Sept


2009 'Vision in New York City' Gallery Macy Manhattan curated by Maurizio           Pellegrin Dec




2010 Plasto-Baader-Books Exhibition of Unique Artists Books, Kaleid                    Editions, London, UK.


2010 Video Capitale Villexel France curated by Valentine Verhaeghe


2010 'Holding Time' Bavhan Art Centre, London curated by Darshana Vora


2010 XX.9.12 FABRIKArte Villa Farsetti, Italy 2 Films included


2010 Magmart Festival Napoli Italy curated by Enrico Tomaselli


2010 Spectre Gallery Brooklyn NY 59 Seconds Video Festival curated by              Irina Danilova


2010 Pitzer Art Galleries 'Writ Large, 4 artists curated by Ciara Ennis Los              Angeles, CA


2010 Museo Della Civilta'Romana in Roma - INFINITES SPACES - curated            by Carlo Fatigoni. October


2010 Anemic Festival - Prague. Film 'Killing' 4 minutes included


2011 'DE CHARDIN A HERVE CONSTANT' presentation in French at UCL.               Feb


2001 Oriel Mwlden Wales 'A Century of Artists' Film' curated by Michael                Cousin


2011 SGUARDI SONORI CLAC Centro Labicano Arte Contemporanea. Roma


2011'The Mystical Self' Art Verona Video Project curated by Cecilia Freschini


2011 Video Capital Ronchamp France 'Homage a Le Corbusier


2011 Videoholica, Bulgaria curated by Pavlina Mladlena. Film selection


2011 Samson Gallery, Boston ‘Chain Letter’ July


2011 Portobello Film Festival ‘The Inquisition’ 30 min by Herve Constant              included, Sept


2011 The YES Foundation / STICHTING JA ~ Artnight 2011 in Den Bosch,             the Netherlands


2011 Videoart: CologneOFF VII - Beirut- Budapest – Riga


2011 XX.9.12 FABRIKArte project - VIDEOART – INSTALLATIONS –                      PERFORMANCE /


2011 “International Thermaikos 2min Film Festival”, Inclusion of ‘DANCE IN           59 SECONDS'


2011 Out of Range 2011 esperienze digitali e multimediali Castello di                  Frontone PU


2012 Cologne International Videoart Festival, film 59 STEPS included


2012 Aleister Crowley "Do What Thou Wilt" Art Touring Show, USA                      Paintings included




2012 2012 Red Red Shoes Gallery, ‘Wicked Love’ London, 15 June – 15 July


2012 Sguardi Sonori 2012 GINO ON MY MIND, 2 short vieos and a sound            recording Roma - Ancona. Settembre


2012 Naoussa Film Festival Greece, 'Vision in New York', video included 


2012 Thermaikos Film Festival, video installation 'PORTRAITS (3) OF CATH          DIAZ'


2012 A Terra sacrificada / The sacrificed Earth" 15th Generative Art                    Conference (Lucca,IT)


2013 Cultivate Gallery 'Back in Black', painting A TOI included. February


2013 VIDEO CAPITALE 2013 DU 16 au 24 mars / Montbozon Curated by              Valentine Verhaeghe


2013 59 seconds - Athens Video Art Festival, Greece Feb


2013 ARTBOSPHORUS Contemporary Art Fair Istanbul 3 – 7 April                        organised by Denizhan Ozer


2013 Water Tower Art Fest Sofia Bulgaria Sound Installation 'The Dream'            5min. June


2013 ‘TGV en 50 Secondes’ EDEN Theatre La Ciotat – Homage to the                   Lumiere Brothers. Sept


2013 Water Tower Art Fest, London 3 videos on display at the Bulgarian              Cultural Institute Oct


2014 Exhibitions in Fukuoka and at the Festival of Taketa in Japan.                      November


2014 Museo Pietro, Guarda Sonori 2014, Villa Borghese Roma curated by            Carlo Fatigoni. September


2015 Participating at the Havana Biennale in Cuba, May - June.


2015 PORTART Gallery 6th Portakal Cicegli International Plastic Arts                    exhibition. April


2015 GX Gallery London Group Exhibition 24 November – 5 January 2016

2016 GX Gallery Three Artists Exhibition May

2016  LARROQUE ART FESTIVAL organised by Kenneth Hay 26 July – 5                 August 2016

2016 London Biennale in Manila Pollinations 14 September – 25 September 

2017 The House of Arts WOODEN WEB Brno CZ Curated by Josef Danek

2019 National Gallery of R.N.Macedonia Skopje 1000

        Retrospective exhibition - 30 years of Art colony Galichnik.                         Curated by Ana Frangovska.


2019 NewMediaFest’s “Touring Exhibition 2020” commencing in Addis                  Ababa, Ethiopia will exhibit worldwide.

2020 Russian Museum of Art’s Yerevan Armenia with Sargis Hovhannisyan          and Arman Tadevosyan July - August

2020 NewMediaFest - TAM - Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles - starting              on 18 July till September 2020

2020 UNLOCKED Galleria D’Arte Diffusa Martano Puglia Italia A cura di                Francesco Cuna

2021 HORS LES MURS - 379 A LA GALERIE NEUF - 9 rue Gustave Simon              Nancy June

2021 Centre Pompidou/Metz, work presented by Artothèque de Nancy,                France October

2022 Aslamazian Sisters Museum, Gyumri Armenia, August

2022 RUSSIAN ART MUSEUM Yerevan, Armenia, August

2022 CO.AR.CO. : Exposition Mediterraneum du 06 au 30 octobre

          Marseille France

2022 Manduria the international exhibition of contemporary art "                                                 MEDITERRANEUM: 8 Nov - 8 Dec

2022 Galerie Ferdan Yusufi – Istanbul 12 November au 22 December 

2023 HANSARD Studio, REGENERATION. Curated by Philippa Beale, London, UK.

2023 Cairo Atelier, Free Visual Dialogue, 8 artists curated by Amir Khatib.


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