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      JULY/ OPEN STUDIO/ Hervé Constant   

      Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July 2020 1 - 7 pm

       Negotiated Art Price Sale

I would like to invite you to an OPEN STUDIO NEGOTIATED ART PRICE SALE  event. There will be encaustic, acrylic and oil paintings on show and limited artist books and silkscreen prints available to purchase.                                                          


As I will be leaving London permanently to live in a new European location, I have decided to offer a collection of my works at a negotiated price, making the purchase of original artworks more affordable.

My ongoing participation in NewMediaFest’s “Touring Exhibition 2020” commenced in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and then TAM - Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles - starting on 18 July 2020, before being exhibited worldwide. My new solo exhibition is due to take place in Milan, Italy at Pelouse Interdite this coming October, and I am now taking part in an event taking place in Naples called DIA LOGUE curated by Maurizio Esposito.

The “Mind in Art: Exploring the Possible Origins of Creativity” Talk with Herve Constant and Madelyn Freeman will be held on Sunday, 26th July at 5 pm. 

We hope to see you at Open Studio : Refreshments served.

STUDIO 29-Basement, 10 Martello Street, London E8 3PE -

Tel: 0207 249 6021 



Having recently written "The Artistic Vision" regarding my journey to Florence and a more recent narrative entitled "The Artistic Eye" exploring some personal thoughts and experiences, I want to now extend my travels in Italy to include a research project investigating a transitional period of time bridging Byzantine and Renaissance Art.  

Having been invited to present my work at University College, London (UCL) next Spring 2019, I would like to add this research to my Lecture and initiated a GoFundMe page to help fund this endeavour.  I would be very pleased to provide further information upon request. 

I would be very grateful for any assistance to fulfil this artistic and educational objective. 


(Click here to read some information about the opportunity - Opens a PDF)


7 March - 7 April 2017


Galerie Katakomby Brno Czech Republic        7 March - 7 April 2017

Private View: Tuesday 7 March 2017 at 6pm

ABRACADABRA is comprised of Herve Constant’s more recent paintings and photographs plus around 20 short films accompanied by digital audio soundtracks on a series of loudspeakers situated in the mediaeval cellar catacomb in the Czech Centre for Experimental Theatre, Brno.

The Gallery was built as a mediaeval ‘hypogeal’ under ancient buildings located in the city’s centre, and constructed to represent a biological form evoking the labyrinth found in the ‘peristaltic’ inner part of the ear.

Hervé’s inspiration for creating ABRACADABRA was derived from an interest in the unknown forces creating natural design with its multitude of diverse forms. One of Hervé’s more recent videos “SIGNALS’ based on a Kinetic sculpture, shown at the Metropolitan Theatre in Manila in 2016, explores inner connections between human and natural design.

Creative ideas Hervé discovered can erupt suddenly so he sought to explore the threads connecting him back into time past and forward into time future which emanated from an ancient source in kabbalah, numerology and tarot, each illuminating mysterious ways in which nature can create our existential journey.

For there is one thing that sets Constant apart from the Contemporary artists of today, and that is his boundless, limitless, driven need to explore all the mediums available to him, to find the best possible way to address his creative vision, and his total engagement in his surroundings. His world, as his art, is a mixture of wide and diverse interests, travel, as well as social and cultural influences.

His book ‘Killing’ was part of an exhibition at Kaleid Editions, at the London Plasto-Baader Books Exhibition of Unique Artists’ Books. It relates to Constant’s travels, which included Bosnia, and his unusual way of looking at the world, without artifice, without illusion, but with enormous empathy. War-ravaged streets and facades, fruit offerings at decrepit cemeteries, walls ridden with bullet holes, guns, all become symbols in his photographs and paintings, as does solitude and isolation. These are all themes that weave through Constant’s many and varied works. A philosophical, humanist approach marks his stance, and he is drawn to sombre and dark subject matter.

Wrapping this multi-disciplinary artist’s productions up are his short films, which he continues to produce, despite their limited market. His 4-minute short entitled ‘Hand Ballet’ is at once pantomime and sign language, a message both visual and emotional, as the viewer tries to decipher movements of the (artist’s) hands.

For Hervé Constant, the endless diversity surrounding him finds a way into his oeuvre as a continuity of sorts and as the common lot we share.

It was Einstein who said imagination was more important than knowledge and stated insight does not come through logic or mathematics but comes - as it does for the artist -  through our intuition and inspiration.  

Galerie Katakomby Divaldlo Husa na provazku. Zelny trh, Brno Czech Republic           


PRESS RELEASE:HERVE CONSTANT: an exhibition of paintings, photographs, film and prints


An Interview/Profile is published this year 2014 Summer Edition of the Art Magazine VIE DES ARTS. It is printed in Montreal Canada. Article by Dorota Kozinska


Rimbaud and Verlaine embark on a journey. The poets famously ran away together to London in 1872 where they lived for some time at No 8 Royal College Street in Camden (then Great College Street). Their famous journey is now, 142 years later, serving as the inspiration for another departure.

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