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BOOK 2021 A Retrospective 1985 - 2021

I am gathering together my artwork to be professionally photographed for the publication of a book to be entitled 'Traces' as a retrospective collection of my paintings, prints and photographs.

Several published articles written with reference to paintings publicly displayed at a number of different Art Exhibitions will accompany the photographs and in order to accomplish this I am requesting your contribution to help cover the cost of production, publication and distribution. 'A Retrospective 1985 - 2021' will run 150 pages or more.

Following publication contributors will be sent a copy as an expression of my sincerest gratitude though I remain extremely grateful for all the help and support given during earlier GoFundMe campaigns.

Please contact me if you require further information and I will be updating this site on a regular basis with progress reports.

Many thanks and kindest regards.

Herve Constant

Click the links below to see the latest versions of the book

Cover Hervé Constant
Download PDF • 474KB
Book Inner v5 pp 1-35
Download PDF • 3.25MB


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